These Gay Men are History’s Most Powerful



It’s estimated that about one in 35 men are gay or bi. This figure probably hasn’t changed throughout history, even though attitudes towards being gay have. With all these gay men running around, you would expect some of them to find their way to wealth, influence, and power. Whether or not people knew it at the time history has been filled with men of power who were gay. Often it took historians sorting though personal letters and finding out secondhand about someone’s orientation, and sometimes the results were inconclusive. The following are a sample of the most powerful gay men in history…

Tim Cook


Cook is the CEO of Apple, the tech giant known for revolutionizing the way we use our mobile devices. He’s been with the company since 1998, and was named successor after Steve Jobs left in 2011. He also serves on the board of directors for Nike and the National Football Foundation. When Cook came out, he was the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to do so, blazing a trail for gay, lesbian, and bi business professionals.