Watching action movies sometimes makes you think that if you tried some of the moves you see on screen in real life, things would go well. But movies have stunt men, CGI and most importantly, missed punches that are edited to look as if they actually connected. In real life, a punch lands with bone-breaking force, and stupid decisions are rewarded with knockouts. Here are examples of some idiots who learned that movie fights are not the same thing as the real thing.

1.  Kicking For Fun


This makes no sense at all. Two cops are minding their own business, and this stupid guy in a trenchcoat decides that like a schoolboy in a play yard, he’s going to kick one of the cops in the butt and see what happens. First off, never mess with cops who wear berets. Second, don’t kick a cop in a beret, then adopt a fighting stance. Third, always keep your hands up or you’ll get knocked out from a karate kick that comes straight out of an action movie.