Even if you’re not a dog owner you can appreciate the cuteness of a dog in the bath. Maybe they hate it, maybe they love it, but they’re always cuter when they’re soaking wet. In person, bathing a dog can be frustrating, messy, and the least fun part of owning a dog. But the adorable pics that come from giving these pups a scrub are absolutely priceless.

1. Muddy Paws



Oh boy. Getting dirty means getting a bath afterwards, there’s no getting out of it. This little guy seems pretty happy, for now. Doesn’t look like he’s gotten wet yet…

2. Sad Eyes


Unlike this little Spaniel. His ears are big enough to step on and he has that ‘how could you do this to me?’ look in his eyes. The luckiest thing about having a tiny puppy around: you can wash them in the sink!