5) He’s from Marcy Projects: If you are not familiar with this infamous housing projects in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, i suggest you do your homework. This is not the trendy Brooklyn that’s become so popular with hipsters. This is the hood…the real hood.The if you get caught there after dark and sometimes during the day it’s your fault.

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4) Because Solange is his sister in law: See the elevator video

Unlike Jay-z you don’t have a bodyguard so you’re an easy target.


3)He has more money than you and a paid assassin from Eastern Europe is cheap these days (or so we’ve heard)



2) He’s friends with President Obama. Need we say more?

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1) The last two people he had a problem with or threatened his peace and quiet at his happy home died under mysterious circumstances. (See: his alleged child’s mother (not Beyonce) and is ex-bodyguard)


Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The guy has 99 problems don’t become the hundredth one.