Alexis Arquette


Arquette is a member of the famous acting family that includes his sister Rosanna, Oscar winner Patricia and character actor David, but she has carved her own niche. Arquette was born a man with the name Robert, and identifies herself as a ‘transwoman.’ Arquette made the official gender transition in 2006, and filmed the entire experience in a documentary titled “Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother.” Many of Arquette’s film roles are related in some way to gender identity. She played a transvestite in “Last Exit To Brooklyn,” and a drag queen on a rampage in “Killer Drag Queens On Dope.” Arquette also performs in a cabaret show, and has said in interviews that she knew from childhood that she didn’t fit in as a boy, and that as a teenager, androgyny was the best way to start the transition toward becoming a woman.