Chris Pratt


Pratt has come out of nowhere to stake his claim as the next big Hollywood star, and part of the reason is that he was able to go from a doughy dude in his early 30s, to a ripped-to-shreds action star who is credible and appealing. Pratt came to public attention for his role in the comedy “Parks and Recreation,” in which he played kind of a schlub. But after winning the lead in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Pratt was forced to lose 60 pounds and turn that fat into muscle. The results are astounding. Pratt looks like a bodybuilder with washboard abs, a massive chest, striated arms and a lean, angular face that looks great on the big screen. Pratt lost the 60 pounds over a six-month period, which is 10 pounds a month. He stayed on a 4,000 calories a day diet, drank a ton of water and worked out four hours every day. His regimen was a combination of P90X, swimming, boxing and running. Pratt kept fighting trim for his starring role in “Jurassic World,” and has half a dozen action films in the pipeline.