Larry Wachowski


The Wachowskis are best known for the Matrix trilogy, which changed the action movie forever. Andy and Larry Wachowski are close-knit siblings who enjoyed working together, but for Larry, life was a living hell. Larry has said in the past that he always felt as if he was a woman, and so in the 2000s, he began the transition from Larry to Lana. Neither brother spoke about the transformation, though it was obvious that Larry was undergoing major changes. By 2008, Larry had completed the gender reassignment, and asked to be known as Lana from that point on. For more than four years, Lana made no public appearances and gave no interviews, choosing to remain private. The transformation was more startling because Lana chose bright red and blue hair that was attention-grabbing. In all other ways, Lana looks like a normal woman, and unless you remember Larry, you wouldn’t immediately think that Lana had ever been anything other than a woman.