6. Alan Dale Lee


Alan is well known among Florida law enforcement as “redneck vampire” “Dracula,” because of his teeth.


5. Kelly Gene Gibson


Kelly Gibson has been arrested 48 times for paint sniffing. this particular time, the police found him naked in his apartment with his hands and face covered in paint.

4. What the hell…


We… We don’t know what’s going on here…

3. Darron Lynn Koenig


Obviously, this man is a scientist. He was arrested for throwing hammer at construction workers in Texas. He later barricaded himself in a shed and the police had to bombard him with tear gas in order to apprehend him.

2. Barry McCokinue


Barry was arrested on bestiality charges in 2008. For those new parents out there,  he is a part time baby-sitter in Jacksonville, Florida.

1. Adam Roberts


Adam was picked up for burglarizing over 28 storage lockers in Alabama. The arresting police officer called hit skeleton face tattoos the strangest thing he’d ever seen in his career in law enforcement. As we can now all attest, the police officer is not even close.