10. Ronaldo Silva


Mrs. Richardson was arrested in Florida (of course) for driving under the influence…


9. Aaron Chase

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As long as we’re on the topic of men wearing makeup, Aaron was harassing patrons of an Applebee’s in New York City dressed as the Joker. He ended up in a a psychiatric hospital, much like the actual Joker.

8. Ryan Nunes


Nunes showed up to his public intoxication hearing, well…drunk. He had been arrested over 20 times for public intoxication to date. Splendid.

7. Ronaldo Silv


Believe it or not, Silva is an incarcerated drug-kingpin and criminal mastermind in Brazil. After numerous failed attempts to escape  prison, he dressed up in drag and attempted to walk out. He got pretty far, he actually made it out of the compound and to a bus station before patrolling police noticed that he was THE UGLIEST WOMAN THEY’D EVER SEEN. He was then hauled back to jail.