17. Carlos Sosa Rodriguez


Before you ask yourself about his skull, he flattened it in a car accident.   When asked about the details of his accident, he said: “I was driving, and I hit a pole, and I flew out the front window and landed on my head.” Sounds about right.  This guy went viral in 2012 after being arrested for soliciting prostitition. He came to be known as “Half Head Man.”

16. David Adam Pate


Pate is 24. Pate was charged with murdering a fella’ by the name of  Rickey W. James, whose body was found in the woods by a group of children playing hide-go-seek. Lovely.

By looking at Pate, you would never imagine such a thing.


15. Gregory Liascos


This gentleman was arrested after he broke into the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. His grand plan for going unnoticed was to disguise himself as…well…that.

14. Loverman


Everyone thinks there are no romantics left in the world. They’re wrong. This guy is living proof.