21. Kelsey Smith


This perfectly sane looking man was picked up in Daytona, Florida (what is going on in the sunshine state???) when he casually parked in the middle of an intersection. When the copped approached his vehicle, he reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol and had to be tasered multiple times in order to be subdued.

20. Christopher Tolle


Meet Mr. Tolle. He was arrested in Sardinia, Ohio after breaking into an animal hospital. Sounds “innocent” enough, right? Well, Mr. Tolle broke into the hospital in order to have sex with the animals.

19. Michael Don Mitchell


This genius broke into a home in Lakeport, Texas, He stole $87 in cash and was arrested while still inside the house and eating a can of ravioli.


18. Cory Smits


Toddler-like Cody here, was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Seems hard to believe.