Billionaires like to flash expensive jewelry, million-dollar cars and babes that are arrayed in the finest clothing available, even if those women aren’t necessarily their wives. The rich are not like us, they have lots more money, which is why they’re rich and enviable and capable of doing things that mere mortals only dream of… then awake to daily disappointment. Most male billionaires are married and frequently also carry a sidepiece that they can mess around with when they get bored. Some billionaires, such as Richard Branson the CEO of Virgin, seem to have been give a certain amount of latitude in their marriages, which allows them to cavort with nubile females in public. With that in mind, here’s a sample of the women who make sure that all billionaires in their company are happy and satisfied.

V. Stiviano

V Stiviano the mistress at the center of the Donald Sterling controversy was seen with friends leaving '1 Oak' Night Club in West Hollywood, CASOURCE

When you think of the 2014 Donald Sterling fiasco in the NBA, you remember Sterling, his long-suffering wife Shelly, and the mistress, Stiviano. This creature of the night was an expert parasite who fed on the vanity of an old man who needed to believe that a woman half his age would find him desirable, and received money, clothes and a luxurious apartment for her efforts. Sterling and Stiviano didn’t even have the class to keep their affair private, often appearing at Los Angeles Clippers’ games sitting together in seats that had once been occupied by Shelly Sterling. Stiviano is also the woman who brought down an empire, so buyer beware. She has never fully explained why she recorded her phone calls with Sterling, claiming that he liked her to record their conversations because of his fading memory.

In a move that seemed more out of a T.V. show like “The Practice” than real life, Shelly Sterling sued Stiviano for inflicting emotional distress and won a judgement in which Stiviano has to pay back money she received from Sterling, and leave the apartment that the doddering old man bought for her as well. The landmark decision may make some other gold-digging, masculine-looking billionaire mistresses take heed.