Dogs have their own unique appearance, but you’ve probably noticed that phenomenon in which dogs and their dog owners begin to look like each other as time passes. No one knows why this is the case, but side by side pictures of long-term dog owners and their dogs tells the tale. So why not have a look at dogs that look like celebs, even if those dogs don’t belong to those celebs? Here are 10 pooches that are twins of famous people.

Snoop Dogg


Has there ever been a celeb whose moniker best fits a canine than this legendary rapper? Snoop has been on top of the rap game for nearly 20 years, and his resemblance to his dog is uncanny down to the squint of the eye and the tight lips. These two are made for each other.

Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion about two years ago, but nobody calls him that ridiculous name, which he invented after becoming a Rastafarian. However, it’s quite likely that there’s a lion out there that looks exactly like the rapper