Uber is often said to be a classier and safer form of transportation, rather than hopping in a cab or calling a taxi. However, there have been so many horror stories that have occurred in an Uber ride that make you wonder if that is true. We’ve kindly put together a list of some of the top horror stories that have occurred with this company. We will let you decide if you’ll ever log on to that app and hitch an Uber ride again!


A Deadly Uber Drive


Perhaps one of the most tragic and horrific Uber nightmare stories occurred in January 2014. The driver’s name was Syed Muzaffer and he committed the worst crime thinkable, he killed a 6-year-old girl. It happened in San Francisco, and, shockingly, Uber did not take responsibility for the death because they say that Muzaffer was not even logged on to the Uber app when the tragic accident happened. As you would imagine, the little girl’s family ended up suing Uber for the death of their daughter.

As if this was not bad enough, it was later found out that Muzaffer had been previously convicted for driving recklessly. Apparently, Uber did not see anything alarming with this conviction and allowed this man to become a driver with their company.