If you are far behind on the times and didn’t already know, Uber is the latest form of transportation that makes it extremely simple for riders to find a ride and drivers to find someone to drive. It originated in 2009 and has since been a sensation for transportation. It is available in over 100 cities in the United States and seems to only be expanding upon that impressive number. Now, what you probably didn’t know is that you could likely find true love by simply using Uber as your form of transportation. Don’t believe us? Here are some testimonies from people around the country who have actually fallen in love through Uber… and you thought Tinder was weird!


Neal990’s Love Story

Female taxi driveriSTOCK

Neal990 had a dilemma. So, what did he do? He posted all about it online. He found a blog and let his love story unfold. This man scheduled an Uber ride with friends and just so happened to get a driver who was an attractive young lady in her late 20s. Neal990, of course, knew this would be love at first sight. When she got there to pick them up, he just knew this was going to be a 2.57 mile ride he would never forget, and he was hoping she wouldn’t forget either. He began to ask her all kinds of questions, finding out where she worked, why she took up Uber driving, etc. They laughed and talked, and even though it was just a 16-minute drive, Neal990 fell in love.

Neal990 posted his dilemma on a message board online, unsure of whether he should contact his Uber drive via Facebook. He felt the connection but was not sure if it was felt on both sides. Not wanting to break any form of Uber safety codes, he went to the Internet for help. The majority told him to go for it! What did he have to lose by reaching out to his possible future love? We hope he did!.