Expect Flights To Be Cancelled


This view from space shows the intergalactic activities that are occurring just outside our solar system. NASA cameras are keeping watch on the alien forces so that all Star Wars missiles can be aimed in the right direction in case the threat is followed up with action. Homeland Security forces are also involved in keeping the airspace of the United States protected. Commercial airline flights are expected to be cancelled if the forces come closer. If you are traveling, be sure to pack extra clothing and aluminum foil. Aluminum foil protects will serve as a defense mechanism for the ray guns that the aliens are armed with. The aluminum foil will absorb the ray and reflect the trajectory back to the alien life form. Protecting the head and eyes is essential for survival of an alien attack. If you are traveling from one location to another, be sure to wear aluminum head gear.

On 9/11, all flights were grounded after the flights were hijacked. This disrupted the flow of air traffic both internationally and nationally. Expect similar conditions if NASA detects movement of alien aircraft into our orbit. NASA has launched the space shuttle to supply the astronauts at the international space station with a large arsenal of weapons. Those astronauts stationed have trained on earth for just such a mission. The International Space Station is well equipped to engage any target that poses a threat to Earth, Moon, or Sun. They are in direct contact with White House officials.