Los Angeles and Hollywood Targeted By Alien Forces


The threats say that Los Angeles is a prime target. If you live in this area, it is wise to keep an eye on the skies for extraterrestrial activity. Hollywood is especially not safe since the film has incensed the wrath of the alien populations. The depictions in the past have misrepresented their lifeforms, and they are intending to come to Earth to show their true identities. They are allegedly tired of being laughed at and bullied by the foreigners in the film industry.

[bottmbox]E. T. is the exception to the rule in the alien world. He was a friendly visitor to Earth. The others are armed and dangerous. It is best not to encounter them face to face. Lock your doors and cover your windows with reflective aluminum foil. The aliens will not be able to penetrate the aluminum force field and enter your home.[/bottombox]