Release Date Potentially December 2015


Lucas Films repeatedly targets the aliens in other solar systems for war. The alien forces are tired of fighting themselves and are looking to wipe out Earth instead. They have threatened to do so if another Star Wars film is released. Lucas Films has exercised the rights of freedom of speech in the United States, but the Intergalactic Diplomatic Corps of the United Nations has intervened and required the film be delayed to prevent threats of violence from the outside unknown aliens in unidentified flying objects. The U. S. representative of the I.D. C. stated that they do not want a repeat of the Roswell incident.

[Bottombox]There is still speculation running rampant that an alien aircraft crashed at Roswell, New Mexico. The United States has never officially released details of the alien autopsy performed there. Eyewitness accounts saw the creature being carried away into the waiting ambulances. It is expected that if additional U.F.O.s cross into U.S. airspace that they will be intercepted by the U.S. Air Force and escorted to the airfield in Roswell, the base that has prior experience in dealing with alien life forms.

The United Nations formed the Intergalactic Diplomatic Corps as a direct result of this threat. Other nations involved are the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy. The potential threat has strengthened the bond of the allied countries by outside forces. The international community is hoping for a diplomatic, nonviolent resolution. However, these terroristic threats are being taken seriously and offensive measures are being discussed.[/bottombox]