The new Star Wars Movie has drawn controversy of galactic proportions. It has brought out the superheroes to protect Earth from the threats from the alien populations. The release of the latest episode in the Star Wars franchise has been delayed by Lucas Films due to the threat of the alien invasion. The alien invasion is imminent according to information released in court documents released to the public by government officials. Lucas Film representatives received these threats via Skype and through the intergalactic communication system. The I.C.S. is usually used by NASA to contact astronauts in the nether regions of outer space. NASA, the United Nations, and the United States Military forces are all on highest alert. Homeland Security recommends that you stock up on aluminum foil immediately. The astronauts housed on the international space station are also on alert and provisions have been sent in the recent Shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Station.

Superheroes on Standby


Superheroes are on standby to protect the planet Earth, just in case the delay in the release of the film does not appease the aliens. They have had plenty of preparation and training in drills in an undisclosed location to protect the superheroes from direct attack by the alien population. This is a looming problem on the horizon. The United States Government is taking this threat seriously because they have even gotten Bruce Banner involved. The chemist is working to build the chemical compound that will destroy their space powers. The Hulk has been spotted in the training photos that were released to the press.

While the Hulk has been pursued by the U. S. military in the past, he has been recruited to help in the event that aliens invade Earth. All charges against him have been dropped. It is rumored that instead of slamming into the military aircraft, that he will be swatting away the alien aircraft. There is reportedly no weapon that can stop the big green monster.