Reminder of Censorship in Iraq and Saudi Arabia

CNN's Peter Arnett reports from Baghdad in 1991SOURCE

The last time the U. S. media were censored was in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. Peter Arnett released Iraqi approved messages from Baghdad during that same period. He would write out his journalistic piece and Saddam Hussein’s staff would rewrite to suit their purposes. He was the only American journalist allowed to stay within the borders of Iraq. Other American media released reports from Saudi Arabia that were designed to fit the message the U.S. military wanted presented to the world.

[Peter Arnett was criticized for staying within Iraq’s borders and release Iraqi propaganda to the world. Journalists thought it was unethical for him to allow Hussein’s staff to have a say in what was reported about the war. Arnett had a frontline view and his skewed reports were labeled with censorship disclaimers so the viewing public new they had been altered.[/bottombox]