South Park has been on the radar of the United States government since its inception in the ‘90s. The dark humor and crude language has finally gotten banned by the U.S. Senate. The fictional town of Fairplay, Colorado has gotten out of control, and it is not only seen as a bad influence, it puts the entire nation at risk for a terror attack. The anti-Semitic attitude crossed the line and will not be allowed on television any longer.


U.S. Diplomatic Policy


The U. S. Senate passed a resolution showing support of Israel. Senate Resolution 498 asks Hamas to halt all rocket attacks on Israel. In addition, they decided that South Park was going too far and pushing the envelope of freedom of speech to infringe on the diplomatic policy regarding anti-Semitic comments. They used the rules of censorship that were in place during World War II as the basis for their ban. Anything that would be useful to the enemy or detrimental to the position of the United States diplomatic corps or the military personnel can be censored. In light of that, the Senators position reflects that South Park’s comments were on the brink of inciting an attack against targets on American soil.