Americans used to be known for being steeped in family traditions. The new wave families are becoming more prevalent than the traditional families. More than 40 percent of the live births in the United States are born to unwed mothers. The strange family dynamic is becoming the norm. This isn’t just in the teen population either; it is the LGBT lifestyle as well. Devil worshipping government officials have made the marriage of two people of the same sex legal.

Old Glory is proudly flying everywhere around the nation. Americans are proud of the red, white, and blue flag, but in the United States, there is a new flag being displayed by government officials. It is the rainbow flag of equality. But, this flag isn’t just at the courthouse square or outside official government buildings; this rainbow flag is flying on street corners and all over the land. Government officials are looking for ways to change the official flag to the rainbow flag so that everyone in the world knows they are welcome here, and that their beliefs are not just okay; they are encouraged and immorality is legal.


Devil Worshippers Shut Down the National Parks


The national parks were shut down in 2013 as a result of the gridlock on Capitol Hill. Only a devil worshipper would lock the United States Veterans out of the national cemeteries and keep them from visiting the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. There are so many things wrong with what they did, that it could only have been from the devil!

Christian people would never lock someone out of a cemetery. They would be opening the gates and helping the veterans get to their destinations. Devil worshippers only want to hang out in cemeteries at night. And, the government guards were there standing guard at midnight, so they must be devil worshippers!.