She Does Bold, Controversial Things and Doesn’t Care What You Think

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Everyone saw Madonna tongue down the stunned hip hop king, Drake, at Coachella 2015. For some, it was an icky moment that confirmed what they felt about Madonna and her desperate need to remain young and relevant and shocking. For others, it was a reminder that Madonna is capable of surprise and spontaneity no matter where she performs. Drake has acknowledged that the moment was not planned, and his reaction confirms that statement. Madonna took a lot of heat for that, but she shrugged it off, knowing she had once again moved the pop culture dial by doing something physical, sexy and outrageous. It’s exactly what she did at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, where Madonna locked lips with Britney Spears in the smooch heard round the world. Conservatives went crazy, proclaiming the end of civilization as we know it, and Madonna just winked, knowing she’d bought another five to ten years of sex-Goddess relevancy.

What many people forget about the 2003 VMAs is that shortly after she tongued down Britney, Madonna charitably turned to the forlong-looking Christina Aguilera, who was also performing with the duo, and gave her a nice tongue bath as well. Shortly after that, Missy Elliott came on stage, but alas, she didn’t get any Madonna love, though the entire performance by the four ladies was smoking hot and sexy.