She Turns Her Concerts Into Events


No matter how well or how badly her albums sell these days, a Madonna tour is still an event. That’s because the singer is a meticulous planner who spends months poring over every detail in her shows, and that type of preparation makes a huge difference when she takes the stage. In fact, Madonna’s last two tours were the highest grossing of any tours for that year, and she’s expected to rake in the dough on her upcoming Rebel Heart Tour. Madonna doesn’t sell out concerts just because of her songs, she sells them out because people expect to see something outrageous and sexy and controversial, and they’ll pay good money for the experience.

Madonna’s 2004 Re-invention World Tour grossed $125 million, the highest of any act or singer that year. In 2006, her Confessions Tour racked up $194 million, and In 2008, Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour grossed $400 million, the most of any act or singer that year. In 2012, her MDNA Tour sold $305 million worth of tickets, once again curb-stomping the competition. Anyone seeing a trend? Whenever Madonna goes on tour, she dominates the music world. Doubt her at your own risk.