She’s the Queen of Reinvention


Madonna has always been a canny judge of the times, and she’s developed the ability to adapt to any existing pop culture landscape. That’s the secret to her remaining relevant and sexy, the fact that she knows how to transform herself from 80s Material Girl, to 90s Blonde Ambition girl to Mother and then back again after her most recent divorce. Her music has changed in the same way, which makes her adaptation less about trends, and more about her chameleon-like ability to morph into something interesting and different as each decade goes by.

It will be interesting to see where Madonna goes next with her music and her fashion. her most recent album, “Rebel Heart,” released in March wasn’t a breakout hit, but it garnered decent critical bon mots, and it also showcased her ability to attract pop culture dial-movers such as Mike Tyson and Nicki Minaj, both of whom guested on the album. An essential aspect of reinvention is being able to work with stars who are in their prime, something Madonna has done for years.