Confident Body Sense


Unlike many in the music industry today who are shy about their bodies, Madonna has never been afraid of showcasing her goods for the world to see. This is the woman who shocked the world by releasing the book “Sex” in the early 1990s at the height of her fame, when any misstep could have doomed her career. In the book, Madonna appears stark naked in a variety of settings, including posing with nude men. Just try and imagine a modern pop star such as Taylor Swift, who would have the guts and confidence to release a coffee table book in which every page showed her naked, and in some instances in highly suggestive poses. Madonna is proud of her body, and she understands the power that a confident woman with a tight body can have over both men and women.

Madonna set social media on fire recently by appearing topless in a piece for Interview Magazine, in which she also took turns wearing stockings, lingerie and corsets, once again proving that when it comes to selling sex, power and controversy, the Material Girl has no peer in today’s pop world. Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are trying as hard as they can, but they come off as forced and attention-seeking, rather than strong women expressing their sexuality.