Kim K Is An Awful Role Model For Young Women


Look, it isn’t judging Kim K to express the opinion that she’s a bad role model for young women, it’s fact. This is a woman whose sole reason for popularity is that she was the co-star in an infamous adult home movie that was leaked online. And what did she and her mom do once they realized that there was money to be made off Kim’s naked body? Did they get an injunction to make the video tape illegal for downloading? Why yes they did…but they also made a deal with Vivid, that purveyor of all that’s moral and decent in America, to sell the DVD of Kim’s lovemaking session with R&B crooner Ray J for massive profit. Lovely. Just what young women need as a role model, a woman who exploits her own adult tape for money, instead of just stopping it from being viewed. That’s just who I’d want my daughter to emulate. You?