One of them Actually Thinks Scott Disick is a Human Being


Kourtney Kardashian shares children and a life with her husband, Scott Disick, who over the course of the interminable years that “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has been on the air, has done a horrible job of impersonating a human being. Disick is an alcoholic who is verbally abusive, cavalier about responsibility, immature, insulting and belittling, and yet gets away with increasingly bad behaviour because none of the Kardashians want to put a stop to it, especially Kourtney who realizes that Disick is what they call ‘good box office,’ as a man the audience loves to hate. That’s what it comes down to now in the world of the Kardashians: common sense choices about how to live one’s life are superseded by whether there’s a ratings bump available by exploiting human weakness, ugliness and frailty. It’s the worst of humanity on display because the Kardashians are gladiators, and the poor saps who keep their show alive on the E Network are always in the mood to see a good slaughter.

Perhaps no one should be surprised that Disick is such a hot mess, given that Kourtney met him at the home of his good friend, Joe Francis, famous for his “Girls Gone Wild” video series, and an ex convict who amassed $30 million in debt and is has the creepy look of a man who exploits women for a living, which is exactly what people think Disick is doing with Kourtney and her family.