Kim K’s Selfie Book

In an age when navel-gazing has reached preposterous heights of foolishness, Kim Kardashian found a way to lower the bar even further with her goal of taking more than a thousand selfies to decide which would appear in her…wait for it…selfie book! Isn’t your heart warmed by the anticipation of viewing the most photographed woman on earth in even more detail, so that you can pore over every mole and defect on her face? Will you not stand in line and wait to have her autograph your copy of her selfie book, appropriately titled “Selfish.” Need more be said? Are you not entertained?

Predictably, the book, which was released in May 2015 was an Amazon bestseller, which goes to show that despite the fact that everyone says they hate the Kardashians, millions of people are flat-out liars. The “Selfish” book includes images of Kim without makeup, Kim lounging in the sun and Kim in front of a mirror, pursing her lips to determine how much more plastic surgery it will take to complete her transformation into a cat.