Kim K’s $500,000 Date With an Austrian Millionaire


In early 2014, Kim Kardashian agreed to be the escort date of an Austrian millionaire named Richard Lugner. The tab? A cool $500,000 for allowing Lugner to squire her to the Vienna Ball. Kardashian was only the latest in a line of women that Lugner had ‘bought,’ a list that includes Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton. Apparently, Kardashian only agreed to the date because her man, Kanye West, was elsewhere at the time, but the date went south from the beginning, with Kardashian complaining that Lugner had wandering hands and was too clingy. Kardashian only spent 90 minutes at the ball, then took off, presumably to go and count her money to make sure it was all there.

At the same Vienna Ball, Kardashian was the victim of an Austrian prankster named Chris Stephan, who thought it would be funny to dress in blackface and pretend that he was Kanye West. Needless to say, Kardashian was not amused, and Stephan later apologized. Hard to say who’s more objectionable, Kardashian for selling herself for money, or Stephan for thinking blackface sells in the 21st century