Sid Quashie


In the annals of pop culture, the Kardashians have carved out a prominent piece that’s built on gossip, sex tapes, naked ambition, naked pictures and a shocking lack of any type of discernible talent, with the possible exception of Kendall Jenner, whose modeling career is on the ascent. You can’t really blame the Kardashians for their rise to prominence, because it didn’t occur in a vacuum. Without an audience or consumers of their ‘brand,’ they wouldn’t exist. But since they are still sullying the pop culture landscape, here are some of the reasons why the Kardashians should be shunned by people fed up with their nonsense.

Kris Jenner Hires an Image Consultant After Girls Get Booed


Ok, so if you weren’t watching the 2015 Billboard Music Awards that were recently held, you missed the chorus of hateful boos that rained down when Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner took the stage to present an award. While the girls played it off, it’s been reported in more than one outlet that ‘momager’ Kris Jenner was so shaken by the negativity, that she has hired an image consultant to change the way people perceive her girls. Uh, that’s kind of like setting your own house on fire, then telling everyone you have no idea how the fire started and why your house is a smouldering wreck. How can you create the monster and then ask the public why they want to kill the monster? Just another reason the Kardashians are clueless, tone-deaf and despised.

According to more than one publication, Kris Jenner is worried because her daughters have recently been refused endorsement deals with companies that don’t like all the controversy and hatred that her daughters create wherever they go. So as usual, Jenner’s real concern has nothing to do with being a decent parent, and everything to do with making more bank.