The time is right for nationwide legalization but the leaders of the movement must be
adults, not kids in hoodies hitting bongs and lighting bowls in public advocating for
legalization. Marijuana companies need to hire great marketing minds because being
social medial friendly is a must. Social media is most popular amongst the 18-35 year old demographic, and marijuana advocates need to reach and engage them in intelligent
conversation in order to destigmatize marijuana. Until then donations from marijuana
companies will seem like drug dealers handing out turkeys in the ghetto, and venture
capitals will view funding marijuana start-ups as loaning your buddy some money to start his own weed business.


In the meantime marijuana companies and advocates must rely on each other.
Strengthening their cause, ecosystems and infrastructure. By pushing a mature brand
with a mature public image they will make lobbyist’s jobs much easier. Educate the public as to who you are and what it is that you do. Let them see the technology that goes into growing your crop. Then take that same hydroponic technology to parts of the world that need it the most, places where huger due to drought is common. Donate not just money but more importantly your time and intelligence.
Snood Dog and Wiz Khalifa should not be the faces of your movement. Let the public
know that you belong to a reputable company and that you are against illegal drug use
and distribution. Let people know that you share the same values as every good tax
paying citizen in this country and that support of your company puts illegal pot dealers out of business in this country.