Then the liberal will speak of medicinal marijuana and how it’s changed the lives of so
many adults and children for the better. How harmful can it be if marijuana can be used as children’s medicine? They must also convince the public that they are not plunging the United States into complete lawlessness, but that marijuana growth and supply will be heavily regulated. So by legalizing pot, oversaturation is inevitable and will drive illegal suppliers out of business. Making the risk outweigh the reward for illegal pot dealers. Consumers will not want to buy pot illegally when they can go to their local bar or dispensary and get it cheaper and not risk prison time.


Now that the politicians have done their jobs, it’s up to those that legally grow and supply marijuana to act. They must convince the public that they are credible business people not just hippy drug dealers. Their approach must be part Pfizer, Phillip Morris and Inbev. They must be grown ups and be serious business people. P.R. firms must be hired to control the public image. The image of stoner advocates should be destroyed. Earningthe respect of the American public and Corporate America should be top priority. The public must be made aware that you’re not a drug dealer but instead you are selling a legal, government regulated product that requires a criminal background check and
licensing. Growers and distributers must let the public know that they are responsible tax paying citizens no different than those who sell alcohol or tobacco.
When the stigma is removed from legal recreational marijuana use it’ll make it easier to get it legalized in all fifty states. Advertising and marketing will become simpler. As of right now Facebook does not allow advertisements for marijuana use or sale. Google and Twitter are lukewarm to the idea. Major brands don’t want their adds ran on the same sites that promote marijuana suppliers. If you were Disney would you want ads for your products ran next to marijuana ads?