Not only do the politicians now push this agenda look fiscally responsible, but he or she
can’t be labeled a racist. Because we know most of these arrests for small amounts of
marijuana occur in communities where minorities are the majority. Saving money and
looking like a champion of the people in one move is political gold. So in the end the
politicians can say “I’m tough on crime as long as these criminals are violent offenders or big kingpin types.” He or she is still “anti” legalization because that’s what his supporters want to hear, but those of us that’s paying attention have already noticed the stance has softened. That the foundation is being laid to full out legalization.
Enter the politician number two, let’s cal him/her liberal. The liberal politician must say everything the conservative politician doesn’t say and agrees with the points that
strengthen the Liberal’s argument. The liberal’s job is to focus on the monetary aspects and destigmatize marijuana. So he or she emphasizes the fact that if legalized for recreational use marijuana can be an excellent source of tax revenue. then the liberal plays the race card as well, stating that marijuana unfairly targets minorities. But the liberals approach is more statistic heavy. Also the language the liberal uses is much stronger like “racist policies,” “harsher sentences for blacks and Hispanics,” and “unfair policing tactics.” The liberal will use word games to enflame and to get an emotional recreation for his/her supporters.