You have to be able to be trust your partner with your future, because one day kids might be involved, and having children with the wrong person is a mistake that can’t be undone. If you discover that trust and honesty aren’t issues then it’s time to set realistic goals for yourselves. The purpose of a relationship is not just a meeting of the heart it must also be a meeting of minds. The relationship must always have synergy and be mutually beneficial. Shared goals and projects will unify your minds and will let you see how well, or if you two can work together. It will help build better communication skills and unify your minds. You’ll learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and discover ones that you didn’t know that you had. You’ll be creating a stronger bond. A positive flow of energy will translate into a better sex life. Working towards the same goals will give a relationship meaning and a sense of purpose. As you accomplish your goals your trust and respect for each other grows.

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Relationships are all about teaching, learning, trust, communication, honesty and respect. They only work if these components all work in harmony. Mental and emotional intercourse makes for better sexual intercourse. You must compromise (not who you are, your safety or well being) in order for the relationship to work. It can’t be all about you. Putting other people first makes you a better person. Be a servant of love. The guardian of the relationship. Cater to your partner, listen to them and always pay attention. Ask yourself how would you want to be treated? A relationship is all about maintenance and trust.True  that can be difficult at times. It can be scary to just give up so much control to factors outside of yourself. Relationships makes us so vulnerable. We have to trust the other person and put down our defenses. We stand before the other person emotionally naked hoping that they don’t judge us too harshly. We hope and pray that this is the real thing and not fool’s gold. It’s like stepping off of the ledge and hoping you can fly or that you will be caught if you start to fall. I say take the leap because even a broken heart  will still beat. If your heart is still beating then you’re still living. You still have a chance to try again.