The beginning stages of relationships are always the best. You are overcome by the feeling of something new and fresh.  The quickly get addicted to the excitement and magic. We find ourselves constantly wanting to be in the presence of the other person. then the unthinkable happens, the magic wears off. People in successful relationships find ways to be spontaneous, always keeping the other person on their toes and guessing. They make plans, go on trips together and make spending time with the other person a priority. They are successful because they are always evaluating their relationship. They understand their partners likes and dislikes. Forgiving your partner for their short comings is a must, because you will have  your own. You may have entered a relationship wounded and battle scarred. In other words you may have baggage. You will have to lay those bags down, let go of your past in order for you to have a future. The inability to do so has been the cause of destruction of many relationships. You only sabotage your new relationship when you bring negativity from past you’re experiences into a new relationship. A new relationship should be viewed as an opportunity to create something better than you’ve ever had. I’m not asking you to unforget the lessons of the past, but you can’t let your past ruin your now. Submerge yourself in the moment, be present in every sense of the world.


Trust is a very important component. Remember that your partner is an adult not a child. Don’t try to control or limit them in any way. If they are going to cheat it’s going to happen and there’s nothing that you can do about. If you suffer from being insecure, you should address your low self-esteem issues before you enter into a relationship. If there aren’t any insecurity issues then discussions about how a long-term relationship would benefit the both of you. This is where it might get a little tricky. Your partner might be a great person, fun to be with and good looking, but these characteristic don’t mean anything if this person is not mature and responsible enough to be a part of your future. Take into account how serious this person is about their own life. Are they content with living at home with their parents and working a minimum wage job? While you on the other hand are focused, discipline and career driven. You have your own place and want more out of life than your partner. You love your partner but sometimes love is not enough. In the long term this person will become a liability. The best way to handle this situation, or any issue, is to address it early. Suppressing your true feelings and thoughts will always affect the health of your relationship. Honesty goes a long way when you’re building trust in a relationship.