While you’re analyzing yourself do a thorough analysis of the other person as well. How does your partner really feel about relationships? Is he or she fully committed? Are they like Jen and avoid conversations about your future together? If you’re the one that’s that’s always chasing and expressing your emotions, then your “relationship” might be asymmetrical. You might be more committed and the other person is only here for the moment. Like Rich what you might feeling is not love but irrational exuberance. The other person cares less than you do and will always have more control in the relationship. You’re wasting precious time with this person. On the other hand if what you have is real, and all your efforts emotional or otherwise are being matched then go all in. There’s no need to hold back. Finding the right person can be very difficult, so to be able to find someone willing to work on building something special  with you, do everything you can to make sure that it works.

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