The client doesn’t realize that they are being taken for a ride. All the accused knows is that they are paying for a good lawyer. We are trained to believe that in life you get what we pay for. So price is wrongly equated with ability. The government hardly ever loses a criminal trial. If your attorney can’t beat the case at suppression hearing, by finding some loop hole, an error in the procedures taken by law enforcement prior to or during your arrest or in a backroom deal with all parties involved you’ll most likely be found guilty at trial. A good defense attorney, sad to say must be a part of the system. They have to be willing to play ball and know how to play ball. They must be well respected and known. It’s more about popularity and internal politics than about actual law and brief writing. If you’re going to be paying an attorney this is important to know because if no one knows your attorney you’ll have a harder time. True that is not fair but life isn’t fair. In American Jurisprudence one axiom states that,” You are entitled to a fair trial but not a perfect one.” Mistakes, prejudice and procedural errors are all part of the process, and they are more likely to happen during court proceedings than what the Constitution has promised you. A good lawyer understands that and can capitalize on these mistakes, but a great lawyer can “cause” these mistakes to happen. It may seem to the untrained eye that their case was dismissed because of some error but to those with an esoteric understanding of the court system knows that it was all theater.


You have the right to know what you’re being charged with, a right to due process under the Constitution and a right to counsel. This counsel is supposed to act as your guide and protector that’s why you’re called a client and not a customer. A client is under someone’s protection. This attorney has a duty to be forth coming and to explain everything to you. Contracts must include all fees and exactly what is to be expected for your money. The attorney should not get angry when you ask questions and should always assuage your concerns. They must let you know if they are qualified to take your case and what types of law do they specialize in. Your chances of victory should explained and you should be made aware immediately if any changes in the case or strategy has taken place. Nothing beats your own due diligence. If you’ve done your research online, before you pay that attorney contact the Bar Association for your area or district and ask questions about that attorney. Lawyers can be vultures who will prey on you ignorance. Don’t fall victim to their greed. Nothing’s scarier than being in trouble with the law and your life being on the line. Do not let your fears cloud your better judgement.There are many attorneys that want nothing more than your money. There are also those that can help you and are willing to go the extra mile for you. Your representation will depend solely on your research.