This is where the lawyers starts preying on the weak. Lawyers understand that at first glance to the untrained eye the law might as well be written in Mandarin. They understand the accused’s fears, and that the accused will usually decide and pay anything to make their legal troubles go away. The predator in the lawyer starts to not only access the problem, but also the accused willingness and ability to pay for  legal advice and services. The lawyer then tells the client what kind of trouble he or she is in. Whether they are facing a felony(punishable by a year or more in jail) or a misdemeanor (a year or less). After a brief discussion the experienced predator….. I mean lawyer, can smell fear, then they pounce on the unsuspecting victim and asks for a retainer. A retainer is what an attorney charges to secure his or her services, which in most cases is non-refundable and completely separate from fees the lawyer will charge while fighting the case.  This retainer will cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars. They understand that fear is the great motivator for most people. The accused or the accused friends and family will take out second mortgages, sell their jewelry, or empty out bank accounts in order to pay the astronomical legal fees. Sometimes the fees may be justified but they are usually not. Lawyers should get paid according to the amount of time that they spend fighting the case. In all honesty most lawyers will have an estimate already in mind once they hear what kind of case the accused is facing. From the Bill of Particulars (specifics) dealing with the matter at hand the attorney will know who and what will be needed in order to fight the case. But it’s the lawyer’s greed and the ability to spot a sucker is what really determines the final price. They understand that you are ignorant of the law and in fear for your life, and you will pay anything because of it.


One of the biggest mistakes people make before selecting an attorney is that they don’t research the attorney’s background. A cursory look at an attorney’s history may reveal some less than flattering details about his or her conduct with past clients. You may also  find that the lawyer you chose might not specialize in the particular matter or be qualified to fight your case. The attorney may be only certified to practice law at the state level, or might be a civil attorney when you need a criminal attorney. The last thing you want is to retain a lawyer who doesn’t know the law. Some lawyers will keep this information from potential clients because safeguarding the rights of their clients is not as important to them as their bank accounts. They give bad advice, make promises that they can’t deliver on or possibly drag cases out in to bilk clients out of more money. You eventually begin to feeling like you’re being taken for a ride, but your fear of possibly going to jail is so great you pay the crooked lawyer anyway. If you didn’t do your homework you’ll be in a terrible position, because you’ll end paying an unqualified attorney for nothing.