I wise man once stated “Kill all lawyers.” Throughout history lawyers have been associated with all that is filthy and wretched on the Earth. Often characterized as scheming, soulless amoral human beings it makes it difficult for people to trust lawyers. We’ve all heard the stories of lawyers stealing from clients or playing both sides often leaving the clients  that they have sworn to protect out to dry. Lawyers are supposed to act as a liaison between their clients and the courts, but instead end up only looking out for their own interests. We can’t honestly call all lawyers sneaky, conniving and  corrupt because there are some who fight tooth and nail to protect their client’s rights from being trampled upon. These champions of justice are as rare as black swans. Some lawyers share the same criminal mind, intent and the predisposition to prey on the weak as some of the worst criminals that they represent. One can argue that in order to be a good lawyer you must be a bit of a sociopath. A good lawyer is not supposed to be emotionally attached to the case or the client. Facts and only facts dictate the law. A good lawyer must be all logic and reason, be able to understand the human mind and emotions, and be able and willing to manipulate them at will in order to achieve a desired result. Like good cops, a good lawyer must understand and think like criminals.


The Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution guarantees those that are accused of a crime the right to counsel. These Amendments also guarantees the right to effective competent counsel. The American Bar association has laid out guidelines for accepted professional conduct that all lawyers, defense and prosecution, must abide by at all times. If an attorney is derelict in their duties then that attorney has not only violated the Bar Association rules but is in violation of the United States Constitution. These guidelines are in place to insure an attorney does his job, but more importantly that the rights of the accused are always protected. It’s an incontrovertible fact that law is an arcane science, written in a hybrid of Latin and English. One must have a certain level of intelligence not only to understand the law but to be able to apply it to situations correctly. Without the assistance of an attorney the uninitiated layman unfamiliar with the legalese and court procedures would be at a severe disadvantage in a court of law.