The modern family is a direct reflection of our societies views, beliefs, opinions and our changing perception of what is considered normal. Our definition of marriage has even changed. Marriage was once considered the union of only a man and woman, but since the Defense of Marriage Act, marriage is now defined as a close union between two people no matter what their sexes are. Those that refuse to accept that times have changed, fail to realize love has no preferences. Love has no limits, only we can try and set boundaries on where love can go and where can it be found. People have the right to love and marry anyone that they choose. Who am I to disagree with the Supreme Court of The United States? The modern family is a direct reflection of our new way of thinking. The children of the future will be multiracial, their cultural experiences and social circles will be as diverse as their families backgrounds.


The “traditional” family is slowly becoming a minority. The family that has a mother and father from the same race and cultural background is becoming an endangered species. People no longer feel the need to stay within cultural borders when it comes to dating and marriage. There are too many choices out there for young single adults to not to want to explore. Our parents have grown up more liberal so  brining home someone from a different race is more accepted than it was in the time of our grandparents. Socially racism is frowned upon more now than any other period in history. Not saying that all parents like the  race and cultural mixing but they are more likely to accept it. It is the mixing of races and cultures that has kept the human race alive for thousands of years. We are all of mixed heritage and blood.According to experts all DNA is more than 95% exactly the same no matter the race. Not to mention what the urbanization of the planet and technology have effectively removed borders. people are no longer confined to their homelands or their old way of thinking. Social networks are putting us in contact with people from all over the world.  We are being exposed to different types of beauty and brilliance. It’s so much easier to have a shared experience with people, so falling in love with people from other races is becoming a natural course of events.