I write to find balance.I wriye to harmonize my mind, body and spirit. I’m in a world where I must constantly evolve or face becoming obsolete. Now more than ever that old African proverb applies to mankind, “Go alone if you want to get there quickly, but go together is you want to go far.”It doesn’t matter what you believe in because this reality is a shared experience. You don’t win because the other side loses. We must win together or we all lose. Co-existence is the only form of existence. I don’t know if there’s a heaven so I’m trying to make earth as close to it as possible. You can’t fault me for that. I have simple beliefs. I Believe in me, in the goodness of others and that everyone I need to be successful will come into my life when I need them. I just have to possess the necessary level awareness to recognize them when they come. I believe children are born perfect and it’s adults who corrupt them. I believe in hard work because the world does not owe me anything. That the ability forgive shows how enlightened a person is. I believe that no one is beyond reproach or redemption. That in the end it’ll all come together for a beautiful story, if not then for a valuable life lesson. I’d rather spill consciousness than spill blood. I’m half man half machine and was made that way for a reason. People like me never
die, because we are pure energy, pure consciousness. We are light beings that believe that we can change the world and that through our good deeds we can live forever in the minds, hearts and stories of the lives we have changed. We are light beings, beacons of hope for the hopeless. We lead by example and push humanity forward. We are Bionic men and women.