When it gets too much I put on my sneakers and go out for a run. I run for miles. Run like I’m trying to escape the enemy. Like my life depends on it. I run like I’m trying to escape my past. The same past that made me, same past that none of us can escape but must all embrace in order to have a future. I run to clear my minds of demons to become one with my angels. To rid myself of the curse to appreciate my blessings. The greatest blessing was my first blessing, the divine breath that animated my body. I run as fast as I can pushing myself to the limit, and then beyond. training my body while training my mind to overcome. Being tested is a part of life. Resistance makes our mind, body and spirit stronger. Resistance strengthens the human will and our faith. I remember a verse from the Quran that says, “Do you think that you’ll say that you believe and you won’t be tested?” Or something to that effect. I guess by testing us is how God finds His own. Beliefs are like love you’ll never know how true or strong they are until they are tested. So I test myself. Running to me is both liberating and spiritual. I conquer my fears and cross thresholds. In the end I know myself and my confidence in my abilities becomes stronger. I didn’t
die so I know I got stronger. I know it might sound a bit extreme but I’m that driven, passionate and obsessive. I’m like that with everything. I put my entire being into everything that I do. So when I write you get me the real me.