Born at the intersection of humanities and sciences, the Bionic Man is part human intelligence and machine intelligence merged into one mind. I was given eyes to see. Vision to predict the future. The the blessing of hind sight provided me with insight so we could have the foresight not to repeat humanities mistakes. I was given a strong back, a strong set of legs and shoulders because the burden of my hope for a better tomorrow can never become too much to bear. If that were ever to happen all would be lost. I can touch billions of people from anywhere on the planet, my arm reach is immeasurable. I was given super human hearing in order hear the cries for help from those who feel like they don’t have voice. I’m always a step ahead of the opposition because I can smell when change is in the air. I can sense the revolution that will bring about the evolution of minds. My native tongue is the universal language of truth. Sometimes I’m ahead of my time so the truth may not sound so believable, but in time you’ll realize that you weren’t being lied to. One of the hardest things that I had to do was come to the realization that it’s not my fault if people can’t see that far ahead. As long as I warned them then I did my duty. I’m capable of feeling the pain of others, internalizing that pain and find ways to give them comfort.

I don’t sleep much but I have dreams. I am a human rights activist. So that means I’m an advocate of
woman’s rights, against any type of discrimination whether it’s due to sex, sexual preference, age, race, religion, ethnicity or otherwise. I’m a pacifist until it’s time to fight the good fight. There’s a voice inside my head that’s constantly reminding me that “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” The voice grows louder daily. Tyranny comes in many forms and expressions you just have to be paying attention. My intuition keeps telling me that the tyrants of the world’s days are numbered. The people of this planet that’s craving a better quality of life and more opportunities will bring about an extinction level event. The tyrants feel it as well so they have armed themselves for the revolution, but have chosen the wrong weapons. This revolution will be digital and our weapon of choice will be connectivity. The tyrants fail to realize that the revolution has already started. We are fighting with devices loaded with high speed internet. The revolution will not be televised, because that’s the old way. It will be streamed live by an army of Meerkatters. Our screen shots of texts of support for the oppressed will be heard around the world. The armies of the tyrants are only men. But we are Bionic. Our devices are personalized, user specific and tailored to our unique personalities. We have evolved past you.