This article is  about making kids more confident that their future will be better than past generations. The conversation about education should not center around charter schools versus public schools, Common Core, standardized testing or teacher’s salaries. It should always focus on children and addressing their needs. It should center around preparing students to compete in a world where their peers in other countries go to school year round and are more proficient in math and science than their American counterparts.Educators need to face the truth that failing schools are becoming an epidemic. We are preparing students to be salary workers and drones that will forever be at the mercy of economic ups and downs. Students are graduating college with amazing grade point averages and getting bad jobs. Some students don’t possess the drive to be entrepreneurs, because their entire lives they’ve been told how and what to think, by a predetermine curriculum that teaches them to be risk averse and not become risk takers. These students measure their intelligence the same way the board of education does, by a syllabus and standardized testing. They need jobs because they need to be told what to do. This is where they perform best, in a controlled environment. The people that are succeeding in today’s world are those that possess the qualities and skill set that can’t be taught by our current school system. Qualities like courage, the ability to think outside of the box and leadership. People are dropping out of Ivy League schools because they truly believe that they are smarter than their teachers and that school has become a a waste of time because their talents are being wasted and their needs aren’t being met. Maybe they are on to something. These college drop-outs are doing what teachers need to do with all their students, which is an assessment  based on their strengths, where they would best excel and what the student loves doing. People learn better when they are learning to do something that they love.