Happy kids with tablet computersSource

Kids are more advanced today than ever before. By the time they enter pre-school most of them know how to use devices like iPads,smartphones and even iPods. They are learning differently and quicker. They are more intuitive and have access to more and better information. Schools need to take these factors into account and incorporate these things into their teaching curriculums. The precociousness of today’s children must be always taken into consideration. We are teaching the digital youth with analog methods. Code must become part of our children’s daily education. It must be valued like reading, writing and math. The rules have changed so should our approach to modern education. We need to give children more projects both in a group setting and individual ones and let the teachers observe the child’s behavioral patterns in relation to the group, the child’s ability to think critically, analyze and to problem solve. Grade a child by how well they interact with others and how well they perform themselves. We should be in search of innovative, gifted, abstract thinkers not just straight “A” students. Schools should place a premium on qualities like leadership and altruism, because those are the qualities that creates the people who will build a better tomorrow. The valedictorian should be able to display all these qualities at different times in different situations while keeping their grades up. The best students should be called the best because how well they work within a group and their ability to bring out the best qualities of every member of the group. Qualities that make the best CEO’s.