All this focus on SAT’s or other proficiency test scores still fails to address the true problem. Are America’s youth equipped to  compete globally? Proficiency tests cannot determine true intelligence, because true and fluid intelligence are innate qualities that will be manifested in the right situations and environments. A child may not be able to function well in a classroom environment due to confidence issues but will work better in solitude. An education system that cannot recognize or address this will ultimately fail the child. Some children learn by working with their hands while others function better by using more traditional methods. Again schools can teach theory but it’s the application of these theories that will make the difference in today’s world. Common Core is no guarantee or measure of what of what a child is capable of. There is no test for genius. True genius is the ability see the future when everyone is standing in the present. The true genius is therefore a visionary who is able to use tools that are available in the present to build the future. Charter schools and even public schools can teach many things but they fail when it comes to teaching innovative thinking. It’s innovative thinking mixed with passion and conviction that will create the leaders of tomorrow.