How are we supposed to prepare our youth for today’s highly competitive world with yesterday’s education system? This is the twenty-first century people, why are we still using the same system to teach today’s students from last century? A system that has failed kids then and continue to fail and place kids at a disadvantage now. We fail to ascertain that a system that believes that the true measure of education is based on a teacher’s ability to stick to a predetermined curriculum and a student’s ability to memorize and follow lessons will always fail us. True understanding and education can only be manifested in practice. It is in application of the theory that the theory is proven or disproved. In other words it is in the real world and only in the real world can a student show how educated they truly are. We fail to take into consideration each student’s individual needs. Instead we use statistics to grade our school’s and the student’s performance. The students are failing because the education system have failed to reeducate itself.


America has this myopic view of education that true intelligence can be measured by programs like Common Core and other forms of standardized testing. Teachers are placed under pressure to bring graduation rates up in failing schools and are offered cash bonuses if they can do so. Naturally teachers will raise student’s grade point averages by any means necessary, even if those measures are deceptive in nature, because not only are the student’s futures on the line so are the teacher’s careers. How can a teacher do their job in a failing school district with a lack of resources? They simply can’t. In the Bronx, New York one of the worse, if not the worst borough in New York City, 65,000 children are stuck in failing school districts. 800,000 children in grades 3-8 are unable to meet grade standards. It’s not a coincidence that the most of  the public schools in America that are performing below accepted standards of excellence are located in the poorest parts of our country. Money that should be going to these schools are instead going to wealthier school districts and charter schools. Due to the inability of public schools to perform parents are choosing to enroll their children in charter schools. Teachers from these failing public schools are opposed to the charter schools because in order to compete they have to meet unrealistic  standards, such as doing more with less. The opposition is also complaining that charter schools are contributing to the increased privatization of our school system and creating education monopolies in low income neighborhoods. While supporters claim that they are a Godsend for the kids that can’t go to a good school due to the location of their neighborhoods and zip codes.