The Great Reformers should think it through more thoroughly before they just kick people out of prison without first considering protecting society’s interests. True the tax payer dollars are no longer being wasted on housing small time dealers and users, instead the money is being spent on subsidized housing, feeding the recently freed and social security programs to help inmates readjust to society(usually just a check every month).In essence all the government did was release the inmates and placed them on welfare. Has the problem truly been solved or has it just changed form? Recidivism is still at an all time high because prisons and governments are not concerned with rehabilitation just their bottom lines. We’re releasing men and women that are years sometimes decades removed from society, unable to function in this digital high-speed world. Leaving them no choice but to go back to a life and crime and return back to prison. This cycle will be repeated until the courts sentence them to another mandatory minimum sentence
designed for career offenders. Some the first time offenders that are coming into the system after the new reforms were enacted will receive the benefits of the changes learn nothing form their mistakes, repeat the cycle until they are sentenced as career offenders. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate. If it doesn’t then we’ve failed the inmates and society. I agree that harsh sentences that removes the power from judges to view each set of unique circumstances in every case are wrong. Changing the mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines was the right course of action. I also believe that before an inmate becomes eligible for a break or reduced sentence his or her actions must reflect that they deserve it. Meaning that there must be irrefutable evidence that while incarcerated they were actively working hard to change their lives in order to become a functioning part of society. Sentence reduction must be tied directly to behavioral modification. This message must be continuously ingrained into the inmates. The government must address the inmates needs. Simple things like how to write a resume, how to dress for an interview, parenting classes as well as information on education opportunities must be provided.
Society cannot be placed at risk by just releasing inmates into the streets.