Politicians on the state and national level cried out for change. Community activists wanted their neighborhoods and it’s children protected from the crack epidemic. Anti-drug campaigns were targeting America’s youth. Nancy Regan’s “Just Say No” campaign became the battle cry for a nation faced with a common enemy. Congress was petitioned for stiffer penalties for these crack dealing kingpins and their minions. New York Instituted the Rockefeller Drug Laws. These Draconian solutions were supposed to deter crime. Instead they gave men and women lengthy sentences for their involvement in the drug trade and created a boom market for prison construction. State and federal governments supplied the bodies (prisoners) and workers to these privately owned prisons in exchange for a piece of the profits. The Prison Industrial Complex became a savior to small rural communities creating jobs and factories with the cheapest labor on American soil since slavery. Factories made everything from women’s lingerie to furniture. Our streets became “safer” and the capitalists made money hand over fist.